Sunday, December 26, 2004

human hair

Got my micros done. Which i must say i am so pleased with. This is the first time i have used human hair to do my extensions. My aunty chose the hair type which is wet n wavy. i bought two 14 inches but turned out i needed one 14 and one 16 inch as my hair was longer than what my aunt thought. Her back is not too good but she braided my hair for me in what could have been done in a day but left the last hours work till the morning. It is shoulder length. she had some red 16inch hair so she used that to top up mine. in all it worked out that we only used one bag of hair roughly.

No i like human hair but for curly styles though. Me, I just need to work on my grip to be able to take up those small curls on my neck

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Well i finally gave my hair a thorough wash and condition whilst in the shower. My hair feels lovely. I plan to try my first conditioner wash prior to putting my hair back in extensions.

my hair was doing this puffy thing at church so i got out my flat irons just give some control. Th effects of a flat iron dont last long in my hair as within a day my hair is back curly/frizzy. i do like it still

By the end of 2005 i hope to have done my BC. fingers crossed emotions ready....

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Well I was truly a bit reluctant to have my hair out. My aunty said she would twist it up for me. So the two of us took down my red extensions which i started to dislike, and she canerowed the front of my hair and twisted the back. The ends unravelled a little but it looks nice still. Gives my hair movement. I like it. just wish hair was thicker or had more body.
sofrolushes indeed!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

the finishing touch

Although I have mastered doing my braid extensions. I am not entirely satisfied with them. The middle gives way to centre part and for the life of me i can not correct it right now. So I am hoping and praying that I do get to fix it soon.

I used the shea butter by organic root stimulator it really moisturises my roots and scalp. I will see what the condition of my hair is when i take down braids. My mission is to find some hairstyles to put my braids in. Also i am starting to like the sound of that dominican blow out. But heat control - I will need to make sure it is only done once ever so often.

Been trying to get onto nappturality to top up my natural haircare knowledge. But due to some site upgrade i cannot get in. fingers cross it is sorted by the weekend.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Practice makes perfect

I can say that i am now fully fumctioning in self dependence. I love the fact that i can do my own hair in single braids. they are not as neat as i would like or dont have the finish i love. but practice makes perfect. sorry no digital camera so i cant show you any pics yet.

I recently bought organic root stimulators shea butter for braids locs and natural hair. it was reccomended to someone else so i thought i would give it go. seems okay. anyway my next challenge is to be able to do canerows and canerows extensions.

My key terms today are Dominican blow outs and twists.

nappy ever after!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

transitioning times

I originally posted this poem on a forum. it somes up my journey.

Transitioning times

woa is me for these are transitioning times
my scalp is sore my
scalp is over dry
why or why lye
got so used to the creamy crack
thought i couldnt turn back
the abuse that society induced
felt like i was one step away
from injecting the lye to keep my hair in line
now blessed be He who has shown me love for the napp
my hairdresser seemed distressed
whilst my hair is becoming diverse
two textures i have at war
curly roots through to straight limp ends
pass me the shea butter and my wide tooth comb
curls today twists tomorrow
a revolution is amongst us
watch the manufactures scramble
to entice me to buy natural hair care
however now i can make my own
stay blessed forever nappy and loving it!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

extensions by me

Well it has been a long time since I have written in my hair diary. I just stumbled on it today. So here is what’s new
I have successfully put my entire head in single braid extensions. So proud of myself. Basically I have always wantd to do this but finally decided aftr some events words that I need to stop depending on people to do my hair. I should only be spending the cost of the hair. Plus those who do my hair for free I often feel it’s a chore to them. But anyways I am very happy. When I last took my hair out and was blow-drying my hair I felt rough hair at the line of demarcation. Its what is called scab hair. Its texture is in such contrast to the rest of my hair , well at least it will get rimmed off eventually.
My next task is to be able to do extension canerows in my hair. I am gathering info on home recipes for hair care.

Friday, April 09, 2004

single braid challenge

Yesterday I tried to do all my hair in single braid extensions. I managed to do most of the sides and some of the front. In the end I got my friend Stephanie to finish it off for me. She did a good job too as it looks lovely. I just have to make sure that I oil my scalp as I do not want that to get overly dry. She told me of a ginseng spray that she has used whilst her hair was in braids. I am going to invest in one.
When I was trying to put my hair in braids in I realised how long my journey will be but yes I am determined to succeed.

Saturday, April 03, 2004


Okay so now I am making progress with my hair. I have discovered many natural hair sites. Some of them are whereby all talk of chemical treatments is met with harshness. The site is strictly pro natural. Also other sites . Another site which is not just about natural hair but caters for all types and style choices of black hair and beauty is .

The other day I spoke to my aunty . I told her I was going natural, which she is already, she said many girls in London are going natural. I find my hairdresser pretty much pro relaxer. Though now they except some what that I intend to grow the chemical ends out. They suggested that I come back every two weeks for treatments. I cannot afford to do so. A sister has bills to pay. Plus I can always slap conditioner on my head and go in the bath or steam room at the gym and get the same effect.
Today I was meant to put my hair in single extensions by myself, but a combination of me babysitting from the night before to getting the small things done meant it just was not gonna happen. So I have rescheduled for next week Thursday and good Friday. I cant wait. I have bought bags of hair.
I am also learning new phrases and words in relation to natural hair. Seems like I have been missing out on loads. One that I found interesting was ‘no poo’. This basically means that instead o using shampoo to cleans the hair you just use the conditioner. From what I have learned. Shampoo often contains many harmful chemicals that do more bad than good to your hair and the conditioner can clean your hair just as good. I am not ready to try this out yet, but will make note. Another phrase is a TWA or teeny weenie afro, which speaks for itself. Other phrases are twist out and braid out.
My main aim whilst transitioning is to learn many techniques to help me manage my hair myself.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Transitioning begins

Today my hair is styled in flat twists at the front and the back is left out. On Saturday just gone I began my intensive treatment regime at the hairdressers. My hairdresser assessed my scalp as I have been experiencing dry itchy scalp. This has been intense since my last relaxer. So fingers cross my hair will be fine. By the time my treatment program ends it will be April. I am also going to the gym. I wonder if this will have any effects on my hair. I am told that I will need to do weekly hair washes as opposed to fortnightly. I will just have to see how my hair turns out when its au natural
Funny thing is that whilst telling my friends about my adventure into the natural sisterhood many are shocked many amazed others just say that they have heard this before. True. But I am determined. This is just another of those things I am doing for self.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Decision time

Back in October 2002 I had decided to grow out the relaxer and become a natural hair sister. When I say natural , I mean without any chemical treatments. I have grown up not knowing what my own God given hair was like except that when my hair grew my roots were curly. In the current state that its in its fine in texture . I hoping that by going natural it will be thicker and much more exciting. I still love straight hair with sweeping bangs Aaliyah style but I guess I can get an accessory to do that. I am also hoping that I will have more styling options. I had my hair cut and grew it out with extensions for a year and then relaxed it back. So far I have tried growing my hair natural 3 times and gave up. But I am hoping that I can do this. It will be a challenge. I have also got someone to give me tips in doing my own singles braid extensions. Oh yeah when I say I am going back to my roots, I mean my natural hair.