Friday, December 12, 2008

wash and blow dry

Okay I think I am okay with my hair. Whilst I was having my hair canerowed. My friend suggested I leave the back out. I didn't but it looked so fab. Now I feel it is too cold for my hair to be out over here. So when it gets warmer look out for my new colour and bravery. I do need to let my head of hair breath.

Anyway here are some pics of my hair freshly washed and towel dried. The second picture is blow dried but not salon blow dried. All this hair and I still cant think what suits me. I guess I am stuck in how I see others as opposed to what suits me.

Any style suggestions please leave a comment.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My hair my blog

I think I have been brainwashed or shamed into believing that I can only wear my hair one way. In its unaltered natural state. But is that me. Is it really who I am. No it's not. I like the fact that my hair is 100% natural and I am no longer limited in what I can do. But........I like change. Don't panic. I will not be relaxing my hair again. Decided that because of the constant style changes twists braids extensions canerows weaves you name it. Such a move would be unhealthy. 

I do intend to try harder to get to grips with natural style more often. However if I want to put on a curly or straight hairpiece that is what I am going to do. I love single braid extensions but I can not stand them after a month. Nor can I afford to get them done so often.

What may be best for me to do. Is to use this blog more effectively. I will develop it so it is not just my hair journey and more a place to find out what can be done with natural hair. Showcasing my love hate relationship with my hair, and inspirational folk. My fave YouTube videos and blogs etc.

Yeah I think I will take it there. Once that is in motion properly I might need to tweak my blog name.

Now if only I could create an html worthy banner for all my blogs

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Urban Therapy

I am indeed a bit of a product junkie. But I am trying to slow down on that. So far I have not bought anymore hair grease and wil just use what I got for now.

Anyway I was in a store called Home Bargains. They sell branded goods really cheap. I came across a few products by Urban Therapy, their twisted sister range. One of those products was a relaxing straightening creme. I also bought their curl activator and 30 second curl spray.

I have only tried the straightening creme. It feels nice in my hair and smells nice too. I just used it to blow dry my hair and then flat ironed using my FHI ceramics. I didn't add any further products and I am pleased with the results. But we have torrential rain and I am not going outside.

I went out the other day and everyone thought I had styled my hair out. I will be styling my own hair for daily wear but as you may have gathered I do not seem to be doing too well on the DIY hair styles. Even more so the hair magazines are not catering to me. Plus my young gifted hair braider is at college so I will struggle to get my hair did.

Might end having to get twist extensions for winter but will see. Any style suggestions please let me know. My hair when blow dried is shoulder length or just below.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My lush braids

Just a short post to show off my braids. This is the best picture I could get hold of. I used synthetic hair called Bulk Ultimo by Aftress.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why oh why

I really do love my braids. They are longer than what I generally like but they look so good on me. H0wever I am going to have to take them out. Those white bulbs are showing on my hair line. So I guess they got to go. I really wanted to keep my hair in braids for a while. But I will have to give my hair a break.

Then again I might change my mind in a few weeks.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Braid it up

I have had my hair in single braid extensions for 2 weeks. I have been fed up with styling it or doing nothing do this will do. I might even rock this look throughout the coming winter. All depends as my mood often changes with my hair.

My edges are fine so far. I have been applying Profective Anti Thinning creme. I am also making sure that I do not pull my hair back non-stop.

I will probably get bore and need a change soon. But I am determined

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thinning edges and new products

I am having that problem again. I am kind of addicted to the versatility of instant weaves as and when I need a quick style. I have yet to make my hair look effortless. My friend M has been natural for a while now and she rocks her natural beauty in all its glory. She was a fashion student and has that quirkiness that fashion folk have. It spills over to her hair.

My hair does not form a nice fro no matter what I do. But I guess I need to keep trying to do something with my own hair as best I can. I looked in the mirror last week and woah where did that come from. My edges have thinned out and dropped out. Luckily hair is still there so I might be able to save it once again. The maddest thing is that I will be putting my hair in single braid extensions. I should be okay. My hair stylist will go gently on my edges.

The last time I had this problem I canerowed my own hair for a few months and let it be and it recuperated. This time I will be using some product assistant. not sure if it works but will see.

Whilst in London last week I bought some products. I can get carried away and my friends think I am addicted to buying hair but I am not. I just like to stock up when I can so when I want canerows I can have them done or singles.

Anyway products I bought 'Profective Anti Thinning Circulation Stimulant'. Its thick and creamy. It says to apply twice daily. Well a little goes a long way. Other items I bought were for hold and sculpting and moisturising. They are 'Organics by Africa's Best...Shea and Tea Tree Oil Moisturiser and the 'Olive oil twist and lock gel'....'IC Fantasia ice pomade' ( recommended by another natural hair sister so I thought I will try)...Dark N Lovely Naturally Calming tress and hold gel.

I have tried both gels and they do hold my hair in a way. The other gels I have bought just slide off my hair but these seem to add moisture and hold at the same time. I wonder if I can use them with water...mmm. I do love the moisturiser. Its not another pink oil that sits on your hair. It does add moisture.

I am interested to know what works for people too. Will update and hopefully get some more pictures soon.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Scalp is on fire

I did enjoy the twist out while it lasted. However I had to comb that out so that I could attack my scalp. For a few months now I have been experiencing dryness that creates sores which scab over on my scalp. I have been looking into what I can use to combat this.

Many product suggestions have tea tree oil. I tried making products from scratch but not sure if I am that committed. I just want to buy it in a tub and not pay customs tax. I hope customs haven't taken any products I ordered. Those brutes.

If you can think of any decent product that will help my scalp let me know. If I go out tomorrow It will be to purchase one or 2 products I saw mentioned on Afrobella.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Twist and Shout

Ok as you know I am not the greatest fan of twists. However I have been wearing my hair in twists for just under 2 weeks. I have kept my hair under wraps though wearing cute hats etc when out and about only because I seriously believe twists do not suit me. If my hair was longer and thicker or even just thicker maybe I would like them on me. Also there is my weight issue. So sometimes I feel certain hairstyles make me look um not so good. I do wear instant weaves and hair pieces and just about all my friends and more have seen my hair out and about.

Anyway the picture you see if the resulting twist out. This time around I washed and blow dried my hair. Oiled my scalp with Organic Root Stimulator Jojoba oil. For my hair length I applied IC Fantasia Frizz Busting Straightening gel. I applied Anita Grants whipped butter also.

When I took out the twist I rubbed through some more of Anita Grants whipped pudding. This time I wore it all out. I just put a headband on as the front was not looking the way I hope. Once dye my hair I think I could rock this style on a regular. The twist out that is.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not sure if I can maintain

Ok so I have not really been keeping my hair journal up to date as I should. I have reached a cross roads with my hair. I go to a hairdressers for deep conditioning treatments once a month and also to have trims when required. She is really good, however I always leave feeling that I should relax my hair.

I asked my wonderful friends their honest opinions regarding me going back to the chemical process of relaxing. They were unanimous in saying that I have been natural for so long and they felt that I should just stay as I am. Arguments being the long process to get of a relaxer and other hair options opened to me. Such as pressing when I want a straight look, instant weave or natural hairstyles that are maybe more adventurous than what I have tried before.

I was lucky to be selected as one of the winners on Afrobella for the creme of nature competition. I just hope customs are not red eye and deliver my goods to me etc. Whether I recieve them or not one thing for sure it does mean to me maybe I should try a bit longer.

I have twisted my hair. I am not a fan of twists. Simply because I do not believe they suit me. I also do not like my weight right about now. I see twist on sisters on youtube and various blogs and think wow they are cute. But the twist have done are simply so I can do a twist out. I have a few more days to go. If I dont like the twist out I will just comb it out. What I do to my hair then I just do not know.

I think I need to get a ghana braid or weave or just some singles to mull over my hair for a while.