Friday, January 28, 2011

Stylistic - Loc's

I saw this while browsing pictures at Jamaican based dances. The photographer was just as amazed and in awe as I am when I saw it. I have no idea how this style is created. Maybe some silky loc's basket weave. I don't know but it looks very pretty. I can imagine many heads turning to stare and wonder at this beauty.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Curls review

I was given the opportunity to try a new UK based natural hair product range. The company is called My Curls. The website states that these products are for natural and afro hair and come without many of the additives found in mainstream products.The company came to be out of the need for more UK based natural hair care products. I tried the Cleansing Cream and the Curl Smoothie.

The cleansing cream is a very nice shampoo that comes filled with Aloe Vera, Panthenol and oils from sunflower, lemon and tea tree. I am not the best with scents but it smells pleasant and is not over bearing. When I washed my hair it was laden with Miss Jessie's products and this shampoo did the job. It took three shampoos to get a massive lather. I use this as a sign of how clean my hair has become. I could have settled with the second shampoo but I like to wash my hair three times when it is being washed.  It was easy to wash out and my hair felt clean and not stripped. Overall this is a good product which does what he says it will.

The Curl Smoothie is a moisturiser which also contains many natural ingredients which are all listed on the My Curls website. After applying my usual conditioner I applied the curl smoothie to my hair whilst damp. I did not add anything else as I wanted to truly see how this product works on its own. I blow dried my hair and it came out soft and bouncy. Although I could feel some product not fully absorbed into my hair when I applied a small amount to my hair when dry. I think this is due to the glycerine. I am finding that many products that contain glycerine react this way with my hair. I did not need to add more to my hair the next day. Curl Smoothie is very light an did not weigh down my hair.
Very cute packaging My Curls Products

Overall I would say My Curls have the beginning of a very good product line. My Curls also do a conditioner called Coco Curly Conditioner. All three current products are now priced at £10.25 and can be purchased from their online shop.

 I hope to see more UK brands pop up so us consumers can buy more instead of pay huge postage cost. 

This post contains products sent to me for review!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Culture of weaves and wigs

I spotted this video over at Black Girl With Long Hair. I found it interesting. I like the fact our hair is being spoken about so much these days and what I am hearing is positive. The debates in America  are definitely ahead of the UK, but with so many UK based blogs and websites dedicated to natural hair popping up I hope to read more good stuff.

I used to switch between protective styles to wearing my hair out to wearing head wraps. Now I mainly wear protective styles which I will start to discuss. However I have a goal for my hair which once achieved I will wear my hair out more. What are your thoughts on the discussion?

Monday, January 03, 2011

Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme

I would like to think that I am kind of frugal but having discovered the wonderful site British Curlies I slipped up a little. They sell many products all aimed at naturally curly ladies. I will do a review of them in a later post.

As I browsed their shop I came to find that they were taking part in the Miss Jessie's BOGOF deal. So this would mean I could try a few products of theirs and kind of get a bargain deal. I bought the Curly Buttercreme and received Curly Meringue free. I also bought the Super Sweetback hair treatment and received the Curly Pudding free.  I chose these products based on what ladies with similar hair types to me had used and what I thought I could achieve.

The Curly Buttercreme has minty menthol like scent. It is not a classic hair product scent that I am used to. However this is a minor to me as I was not bothered by the scent. I decided to try a twist out. I have not done these in years as I do not feel twist suit me. Anyway I applied the product on damp hair which I spritzed with water after a fresh shampoo on the areas that dried quick. Then applied product and twisted away. As I am twisting I realise not all my hair feels like the same texture so all the twists came out different.

In the morning I unravelled the twists. The twists were well defined and smooth until I separated them into smaller sections. The ends appeared frizzy and where I had dyed my hair previously the ends looked  not so good. Though I believe it is the ends of my hair that need a good trim. 

Overall I do like this product. My hair felt nice and well moisturised. My hair naturally has more of sheen than a shine. So my expectations of the appearance may be a little off. I also need to work on my styling as if I had arranged my twists differently I would have had a nice wearable style. Practice makes perfect.