Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Well I was truly a bit reluctant to have my hair out. My aunty said she would twist it up for me. So the two of us took down my red extensions which i started to dislike, and she canerowed the front of my hair and twisted the back. The ends unravelled a little but it looks nice still. Gives my hair movement. I like it. just wish hair was thicker or had more body.
sofrolushes indeed!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

the finishing touch

Although I have mastered doing my braid extensions. I am not entirely satisfied with them. The middle gives way to centre part and for the life of me i can not correct it right now. So I am hoping and praying that I do get to fix it soon.

I used the shea butter by organic root stimulator it really moisturises my roots and scalp. I will see what the condition of my hair is when i take down braids. My mission is to find some hairstyles to put my braids in. Also i am starting to like the sound of that dominican blow out. But heat control - I will need to make sure it is only done once ever so often.

Been trying to get onto nappturality to top up my natural haircare knowledge. But due to some site upgrade i cannot get in. fingers cross it is sorted by the weekend.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Practice makes perfect

I can say that i am now fully fumctioning in self dependence. I love the fact that i can do my own hair in single braids. they are not as neat as i would like or dont have the finish i love. but practice makes perfect. sorry no digital camera so i cant show you any pics yet.

I recently bought organic root stimulators shea butter for braids locs and natural hair. it was reccomended to someone else so i thought i would give it go. seems okay. anyway my next challenge is to be able to do canerows and canerows extensions.

My key terms today are Dominican blow outs and twists.

nappy ever after!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

transitioning times

I originally posted this poem on a forum. it somes up my journey.

Transitioning times

woa is me for these are transitioning times
my scalp is sore my
scalp is over dry
why or why lye
got so used to the creamy crack
thought i couldnt turn back
the abuse that society induced
felt like i was one step away
from injecting the lye to keep my hair in line
now blessed be He who has shown me love for the napp
my hairdresser seemed distressed
whilst my hair is becoming diverse
two textures i have at war
curly roots through to straight limp ends
pass me the shea butter and my wide tooth comb
curls today twists tomorrow
a revolution is amongst us
watch the manufactures scramble
to entice me to buy natural hair care
however now i can make my own
stay blessed forever nappy and loving it!!!