Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and many blessings for the coming New Year!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hair update

Freshly shampooed conditioned and blow-dried somewhat
I thought I would share a picture of my hair. The angle this picture has been taken in can be deceiving, but it show how uneven the length of my hair is. I have always had problems with the sides of my hair with breakage. My current reliance on protective styling such as half wigs and extensions may be the cause or my past dye job as its only the ends with colour that break. Please note that my hair is not thick at all. It is very fine textured but dense. When I relaxed my hair, it had no body and that was because it is naturally fine.

When I dyed my hair ages ago it became really dry, though I managed to get the moisture levels back in order. At present my hair has a colour that is not pretty but once I have visited my hairdresser I will see what he thinks I should do. I am actually going to let him take about an inch off. I have not trimmed my hair in over a year. I have spotted split ends so I need to get them removed.

Although I have suffered from breakage I really want my hair to be in Senegalese twists. People are charging £60-80 for that and at present is a lot for me to pay. Especially when right now there are some material things I really wish to buy like a new car.

I guess for the new year my aim will be to correct the colour and research and perfect the moisture levels in my hair. I am also about to place my order for some Miss Jessies products from British Curlies, while the offer is still on. I will also try out a product from Darcy Botanicals.

If you have any product suggestions or routine tips or general advice please share. I am all for learning if told in the right way.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love my hair

Aww this is such a cute video. It is a video about loving your hair using a sesame street puppet.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ORS Olive Oil Edge Control

I saw this when I was browsing the very limited Afro-textured hair section in my local boots. It cost me £2.99 and is a little cheaper than the hair shop. It says on the box

  • Contains no alcohol
  • Gives superior hold
  • No flaking
  • Great for relaxed and natural hair!
The directions say all you have to do is smooth on with your fingertips to get the desired hold. My hair is 100% natural. I would say its fine in texture and not all gels can tame it when it needs to be. This gel is amazing. It really does hold down my edges. However I would say you need more than your fingertips. As it can appear very shiny. I find using my pocket size bristle brush slicks the edges down perfectly with this product. It does remind me of QP Elasta glaze but is definitely more tacky which I believe is why it hold the edges down so well.
Ors Edge control on edges smooth down with slick brush
In the picture above my edges look almost straight and yet my hair is 100% natural. This is good stuff.

If you use any other product for your edges please let me know? I love buying products and trying out new things.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Black Beauty Natural Hair feature

I bought this magazine well over a month ago. It is published bi-monthly and is one of the best known UK Black hair magazines. I am more of an occasional reader as my obessesion with hair magazines was not good. It was not like I was trying to achieve any of those styles in there. Plus as my hair is natural they no longer really cater for me the way the blogs and YouTube does.

To my surprise this edition contained pages of articles about natural hair care. As usual you get the hairstyles that no one would wear outside of a hair show or photoshoot. Such as the edgy afro pics. Afro's with sharp chunks cut in/out. Then the feature contains a 2 page spread about bloggers and v-loggers who share their tips and tricks tried and tested routines for styling their natural hair. 

The article could have included more wearable natural hairstyles. If someone skimming the pics for hair inspiration I do not think they would be inspired. They would be amazed how beautiful natural hair looks and what you can achieve but little on style. The articles make up for this. It would have been nice to see two makeovers. As they chose to use a model whose hair is about a 3a/b/c very loose curls as opposed to someone with Kinky curly curls in the range of 4a/b/c. Overall a good natural hair feature

Top 5 sites suggested in the magazine to visit are:

Pretty Dimples mentions me one of her videos as I sent her a copy of the magazine all the way from the UK.
Sometimes I just feel so inspired and appreciate what these ladies do. I will be checking out the other sites which I do not frequent as much.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Grey strand

I have had this one grey strand of hair for years. Since I was a teenager in my last days at school. So it has seen relaxers, canerows, extensions, weaves and more. Now it's just a curly bit of colour less hair. My grey strand does feel stronger than the rest of my hair strands. I have no idea why that is. Just thought I would share my grey.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My curl pattern

I do not really do much to my hair . This pic is my hair freshly washed and somewhat air dried. So this is what my curls look like. The picture was taken a few months ago and I have since checked my curl pattern again and it looks pretty much the same like this.

Oh and as you can see the redhead that I was is all gone. Now its this brownish colour. As crazy as it may sound I just might go and get some highlights done professionally a little colour correction. I tried a full head weave recently and my head was so tender I removed it after 2 weeks. I will try to post pics soon.

I always think of my hair as a 4a/b. It always looks deceivingly thick but its quite fine in texture just very dense. What would you class my hair as? What products would you suggest?