Monday, November 13, 2006

style challenge

Right now my main style is canerows. i do love the curly fro pieces that are about. big hair

but its soooo cold in england right now
so its strictly protective styles now

Friday, September 15, 2006

canerow every week

Not much in hair land
i have tried out anita grant's wonderful products.
trying to save to buy more

i am on the look out for something to soothe my scalp. its dry it flakes and if i dont wash it before it begins to itch i am suffereing.

i was addicted to my curly fro instant weave. but i have let that go.

i found when i was on my hols in caribbean i did no need any oils. the heat just brought out my natural oils

anyway i will give this a better update soon

Thursday, January 12, 2006

canerow tension

My friend canerowed my hair for me just before christmas. Which i was grateful for. As you can see from the pic the point parts were also along the hairline and her grip was tight.

However when i came to take them out there were oads of white bulbs around my hairline. My hair was basically being pulled out from the root. I thought at first it was a product i used. but no. Anyway my hairline is damaged. Though one of my friends says its not bad and could be worst.

I told my friend who did my hair about the damage and she was apologetic but at the same time i should have said to make it less tight.

Traction alopecia is no joke. some people recover some dont. so you know i am now on nappturality reading there alopecia forum to see what is what.

Do people learn lessons mmmm who knows but I intend to get a weave for my birthday. I have never had one. plus i dont wish to straighten my hair and a weave is just a style option I',m gonna see if i like it.

If when your hair is done you cant smile cause of the pain speak up and say lessen the tension my dear.