Friday, March 20, 2009

Hair Wrap

I am so addicted to YouTube and subscribe to a few people. Although I have a Youtube account I have no videos as I am working on getting a camcorder. However I will eventually begin doing still picture videos

Anyway I so wish my hair looked so lush after wrapping like this

She has beautiful hair, clearly a different texture to my own. So I do know that I cannot get the same results. It looks gorgeous. There a couple of other videos where she does roller set and shows you her technique on a doing a silk wrap

Check out ItsMsHeatherNicole's YouTube Page

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kinky twist no

I so want some self styled Kinky Twist. The dvd is ok. It is a very simple dvd. My problem was that no matter how I twist tight etc. The hair would look loose and not together. I mean where my hair was the twist was loose but the extension looked good.

Practice sister. I have not given up yet. I have a suitcase full of hair to play with